Goldline SP-32 Single Stage Temperature Control

-26F to 90F, Single relay output.
Manufacturer: Goldline
SKU: SP-32

This part is Obsolete and is no longer available.   For 120/240VAC operation consider the ETC-111000-000.   For 24VAC operation consider ETC-112000-000.   User must make sure the replacement part is suitable for their application.  The sensor with the Goldline products is not compatible with the Ranco ETC model line.


The SP-3X and SP-3XD series of controls are single stage, general purpose, temperature controls with a wide application in HVAC, refrigeration, and industrial applications.  The setpoint temperature ranges are:

SP-32 & SP-32D:  -26 to 90F

SP-33 & SP-33D:  40F to 104F

SP-34 & SP-34D:  90F to 200F


The SP-3xD controls are idential to the SP-3x except for one additional relay.