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Ranco ETC-241000-000 NEMA 4X Prewired 2 Stage Temperature Controller

Ranco ETC 241000-000 NEMA 4X Prewired With 10' 16 Gauge Cord and two 8' Output Cords Including Water Tight Connectors Where You can Plug in Your Heater, Fan, or Other Device.
44% OFF
Picture of A22-1129 Ice Machine Bin Level Control, 35F to 51F

A22-1129 Ice Machine Bin Level Control, 35F to 51F

SPDT, Open/Close on Rise, 35°F to 41°F With 6°F Differential, 20 Amps at 120/240VAC, Heating Load Rate 25Amp at 120/240VAC
$128.14 $71.95
44% OFF

A22-391 Adaptable Cold Control, 11F to 53F

SPDT/SPST, Open/Close on Rise, Range 11°F to 53°F Differential 8°F, Refrigeration, Capillary Dim 66", Rated 20A at 120/240VAC, 16A at 277VAC
$147.93 $82.95
14% OFF

A30-182 Adaptable Refrigerator Control, -6F to 44F

Adaptable Refrigerator Control, SPST With Off Position, -6°F to 44°F With 17°F Differential, Capillary Dimention 42"
$118.84 $101.89
44% OFF

A30-2209 Refrigerator Control, 35F to 46F

Refrigerator Cold Control, SPST With Off Position, Range 35°F to 46°:F Differential 8°:F, Capillary 48"
$124.49 $69.95
44% OFF

A30-2210 Refrigeration/Bev Cooler Control, 30F to 43F

Direct Replacement Refrigeration and Beverage Cooler Cold Control SPST Switch With Off Position, 30°F to 43°F with 8°F Differential, Capillary Dimention 48"
$101.16 $56.95