Ranco C12-5010 Single Stage Heating/Cooling Control

Single Stage Heating or Cooling Control With 36" Capillary Tube With 3/8"x9" Bulb
Manufacturer: Ranco
SKU: C12-5010

Single stage heating or cooling control with 36" capillary tube with 3/8"x9" bulb.  Temperature range from 60-98°F with 3°F differential.  SPDT switch rated at 25A@240V.  Includes knob.

The Ranco C12 series temperature controls are used where a remote bulb thermostat with a narrow differential is required.  The sensing element used a liquid fill which changes volume in direct proportion to a change in temperature.

A popular application of the C control with it's double throw switch is on PTAC heat/cool units where the bulb senses return air.  The close on temperature rise terminals are used to control a compressor for cooling;  the close on temperature drop terminals are used to cycle resistance heat or a heat pump compressor.  In either case, a manual switch or separate temperature control is required for heating/cooling changeover.  Other applications of the C series include fan operation on blower coils for space conditioning; heater control for coffee brewers; electric heat hold back control for heat pumps.