Ranco C17-100 Two Stage Heating/Cooling Control

Manual or Automatic Heat/Cool Change-Over, Heating Range 64-94°F, Cooling 71-101°F With a 3.5°F Differential
Manufacturer: Ranco
SKU: C17-100

The C17 is used on air conditioning equipment and provides either manual or automatic heat/Cool change-over.  Heating range 64-94°F, Cooling 71-101 with a 3.5°F differential.  Rated at 20A@240V motor load, 16A@120V resistive load.  Capillary tube is 26". Includes the knob and faceplate.

The C17-100 has two separate electrically isolated SPDT switches for heating and cooling.  They are marked on the insulator base as A and B.  Each has three separate quick-connect terminals.  There are two operating events to each switch ("Cut-In" and "Cut-Out"), making a total fo four switching events that govern the overall performance.  Each switch has a minimum of 3 1/2°F differential.